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Little Miss Grumpy February 7, 2010

Posted by missqueenb in Drama, Life.
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I intended to  do  some posting, putting up the blogroll etc but by the end of Friday I was so grumpy you wouldnt have wanted to see a post from me. Honestly I was seriously grumpy.

A couple of good things came out of me being grumpy. Livejournal the place where I normally hang out when I’m on the internet is having some sort of tantrum so  with not blogging or not going on livejournal I had very little things to do.  I ended up going through my google reader and although I havent commented on everyones blogs I am back into reading them and will try to get to everyones blogs on a regular basis.

Whle in my travels I wentto GalaDarlings blog she’s such an incredible chick, shes a kiwi but I think shes back in the states? I’m not sure its so hard to keep track of her. anyway this month she is doing The Playgirl’s Guide to Radical Self-love! I think its just what I need at the moment. Although I’m doing different exercise videos in an effort to lose the weight I’ve gained I’m not really looking after myself so look out for more of  posts to do with her guide this month! I’m quite excited.

I also managed to listen to The timetravellers wife on Audiobook.  Along with many books on my bookshelf I had started reading this one but never finished. I’m getting back into it and actually remember some things that have happened I havent seen the movie so I’m really looking forward to finishing the end of  it.

It really amazes me how much I can acomplish by not being on one website! Clearly I spend too much free time there.

So I’m off to go write up my blog roll and set up some widgets and what not.

If you’re in new zealand I hope you are enjoying whats left of your Waitangi  Weekend. If you’re overseas I hope you are not caught in the epic blizzard.

Love n hugs



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