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Taking the Plunge February 16, 2010

Posted by missqueenb in Radical Self-Love 2010.

Gala has posted 100 ways  to start loving yourself right now for self radical love month.  Since I had an entirely crappy day today I have decided to start doing some of them tonight and tomorrow.

Wanna know about my crappy day? I tried on my old work pants (even though I brought new ones) they didnt fit (obviously) so I ate an entire bag of chips. I havent had an entire bag of chips since… Orobably this time last year I’d say so while it is a set back its not a massive set back. Once I was done I felt gross because of all the fat and salt in them but whats done is done and I will  not do it again.

One of the ways to start  loving yourself right now is to have a total media blackout. Thats no tv, no phone, no computer. OMG! CANNOT EVEN NCONSIDER. So since my awesome phone is currently not working as the awesome XT network is down AGAIN I figure why not do it tomorrow?

I am going to have to use the television and dvd player when I work out tomorrow but in exchange for this I will not use my ipod instead. NO IPOD.

By removing all the media and computer I will have more time for myself heres what I intend to do tomorrow.

– work out

– re-write some of my old writings

– write out two apology letters by hand (so I dont say things I dont mean). The importance of these apology letters is for myself only I’m going to apologise and then get over it. I have a slight tendancy to hold a grudge or two.

– just write whatever pops into my head.

-Finish the book I’m currently reading (blood promise)

– Look for my missing dvd

Thats all I can think of right now but hopefully there will be more  things to do.

Dont miss me too much tomorrow 🙂

Love n hugs



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