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Oh Hai! March 14, 2010

Posted by missqueenb in Drama, Life.
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I completely forgot about my blog!  I have been busy busy doing lots of stuff, mainly annoying the crap out of everyone on my Facebook.   I am back now and will slowly fil you in on everything I have been up to.

Tonight: I had a family BBQ nothing  special. I was telling everyone how I did the Dr Phil personality quiz on facebook  and he said I was Self-centred, Vain and something else starting with L and my nana goes “What a lesbian?” and I was like “err… no but  I’ll work on that yeah?”


I really had no idea what to say to that. I guess a word starting with “L” is a pretty open thing but a lesbian wouldnt have been the first thing I would have picked.

New Blog:  I have a new blog with all of my writing and random stuff on it. I will still have this blog but all of my poems and stories will be kept seperate over there.

Linky Link

Theres not much up there at the moment just old stuff from like way back and whatever is on Deviantart.  So head over and comment or.. whatever..

Father:  Is seriously annoying! For the past two weekends we’ve had the same conversation. He  claims he’s waiting ALL DAY for me to go somewhere when I tell him at 10am that I’m ready to go whenever.   Its happened two weekends in a row and I get so mad because hes fucking around doing whatever and then blaming me for not being ready or telling him I’m ready when I’m sitting in the lounge with my shoes on dressed  and ready to go for hours on end.  Whatever. I yelled at him yesterday.

Returned to work:  Last Thursday. Will  write about that more tomorrow.

Love n hugs



1. Jem - March 19, 2010

Hiiiiii! Yay you back!
Ugh Dad’s are dumb sometimes. Wait til u get married.. Hubby’s do the same thing!!!

2. Jem - March 19, 2010

PS. Lesbian?! I think not!! lol

missqueenb - March 26, 2010

I know right? I dont know where nana gets these ideas from.

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