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My Story

Thanks  for visiting this page. I just wanted to explain my absense from the blogging world for those that  knew me before and for new readers as well.

Easter 2009 I had to leave a resturant because the lighting was hurting my eyes so much that I  had to clse my eyes to eat. I th Soon after that I started getting massive headaches to the point where I was taking 20 nureofen a day.

The Dr tried to tell me I had a tension heache then he said I was eressed. The depression pills he gave me worked for a week then they didnt work any more.  So the Dr gave me the strongest painkillsers he could give me without making me doey all the time.

Those painkillers worked fine but I could no longer hear peole one the telephone.

In July 2009 I was sent home from work after a customer complained that I couldnt process her cheque and I couldnt hear the manager when she  spoke to me on the phone.

I made one final apointment with my Dr who sent me for a CAT scan.  The Dr rang my Dad the next day at work telling him that I needed to get to the hospital ASAP because there was an ambulance waiting to take me to the next hosital in the city.

When we got to Wellington hospital we were told that I had a brain tumor that needed to be removed as of yesterday. However the Surgeons wanted to wait til after the weekend to operate so all their team would be together and they could work out the best way to remove it.  I was warned that if I got any worse they would drill a hole in my head and drain out the fluid. Ew and scary. thamkfully once they started umping extremely high dose steroids into me the swelling went down and my condition remained stable.

It was nearly a week before I had my operation. The surgeions had booked an operatng room for 10 hours and expected it to be about seven hours. The operation was only six and a half hours. I was them moved into Intensive care for two hours and then back to a ward. I continued to improve rather quickly and was back in my origanal ward within a few days.

The Doctors and Nurses at Wellington hospital were all so lovely and really respected their job. Even the orderlies were nice well excet for one but we wont mention him.

One orderly was so nice he’d give me the atients lefft over deserts and I’d pass it on to Dad, well except for the extra ice cream!!

Eventually I got told I was being  transfered back to the hospital near my home  which I wasnt really looking forward to because my hosital had Swine Flu and the Nova Virus.

After being told to rush to  get everything packed to go back Dad and I had to wait in the transfer lounge for six hours. and then instead of getting a helicopter ride back we had to go in the ambulance. I was pleased about this however dad was not he really wanted a ride in a helicopter. Crazy.

Once  we arrived I was taken to an isolation room where I would have to stay for five days just to make sure I wasnt infected from Welly hospital. We had to wait until about 1030 for an available doctor to admit me into the hospital. I’m fairly certain I failed all his tests because I Was tired and couldnt really care. LOLAt this p

At this point I was still needing aid to get out of bed to go to the toilet or to go anywhere really. The nurses  knew this and yet I had to wait up to half an hour for someone to come and take me to the toilet. Its not like it was a tough task the  nurses were just down the hall I had a bathroom in my room it was about 15 steps there and 15 back. I could even hear the nurses talking from my room yet it took half an hour for someone to come and see to me. I was not impressed.

I was then moved  across to the rehab unit still within the hosital grounds. The head Dr over there does not like me or Dad very much.   The Dr was trying to do these tests on me to see what damage was done to my eyes as a result of the operation and tumor however I couldnt see what he was doing. dad politely mentioed this infront of a wole bunch of other Dr’s.

After five weeks of staying at the rehab clinic I was finally let out to go home.  during my stay the nurses often forgot to give me my mediation, looked at me oddly when I asked what medication they were giving me and also gave me my first chest infection.

Nost of the nurses at the rehab clinic werefairly nice excdt for two ladies. One was an older woman who was nice to me at wfirst but when I refused to eat dinner out in the ommon room she started getting really snarky to me. I didnt apreiate this and was very temted to tell her where to shove it on my last day but I didnt end up seeing her. damn.  The reson I didnt want to eat dinner in the common room was because that was the only time Dad could ome in to see me as he had to work during the day so I thought it made sense to stay in my room where Dad and I could hat without everyone else needing to hear the conversations. (and so I could bith about the   nurses).

During my time at the Rehab linic I was suposed to work with the physio therepist,   recreational therepist and an oupational therepist. I ended up seeing the Ohysio terepist the most ther others really didnt seem to want to have much to do with me. Which was fine by me in the end. All the recreational thhereist made me do was play dumb games which I couldnt concentrate on because the steriods  I was still on were interupting my sleep. Seriously every seond night I wouldnt sleep I’d just lay therefor 10 hours twidling my thumbs waiting for the sun to come up and sometimes listening to the nurses conversations.

The occupational therepist saw me cook a toasted chese and tomoato sandwhich and then saw me peel and cut a otato and declared that I no longer needed her help as I was fine.

So far my only promblems from the tumor are my eye sight. I’m missing he left side of vision out of both eyes. My eyesight is getting better though. At first I couldnt stand any light, forget reading or trying to go on the computer. Yet here I am on my computer typing away and I am slowly reading. very slowly.

I cant drive for one year. which is better than what the hospital said. They were like  YOU’LL NEVER DRIVE AGAIN. where as my surgeon was like “no its standard practice for any patient who’s had a major operation to not drive for one year. When I see you agin we’ll reasses you and see what the out come is there”

Thankfully I mentioned it otherwise I was going to sell my ar and bevery sad that I ant drive.

The surgeon also said that  when I first arrived at  Wellington hospital the surgical team and the nurses were suprised that I was still walking, talking, standing and joking with everyone. By the amount of pressure on my brain I should have been unconsciious. Scary huh?

Well thats all for now if I   temember more I’ll add it in.


1. Charlie - October 11, 2009

OMG. You’ve been through so much it’s incredible, and you’ve made it through and that’s amazing. I just don’t have words really. Glad to see your back though. Just amazing….

masochisticqueenb - October 20, 2009

Wow thank you for your words 🙂 your comment made me smile

2. guestwho - November 6, 2009

Thanks for sharing your story 🙂

masochisticqueenb - November 11, 2009

no problem 🙂

3. Dora - August 25, 2010

Woah…this is incredible! Hope you’re all well now!

missqueenb - December 6, 2010

🙂 I’m well enough better than expected so thats good. Thanks for stopping by

4. thegirlthatcouldcareless - October 19, 2010

Came across your blog on expensivemistakescheapthrills. Wanted to see what other 20-somethings were up to. After reading this i can NOT complain about my life anymore at all. Where are you now? Hope you’re all better!

missqueenb - December 6, 2010

Hi 🙂
I totally encourage complaining about life, everyone does iit even me!! 🙂
I’m mostly good now 97% good.

Thanks for stoping by sorry I dont update much any more.

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