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Happy Birthday! February 5, 2010

Posted by missqueenb in Life.
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To me!

My birthday was yesterday the fourth of feb. It was quite a good day. For me it was quite a   different day compared to last year. Last year in the January before I was turning twenty-three  I was freaking out. I was twenty-three, living at home, single and not doing what I wanted with my life. This year I’m twenty-four, living at home single and attempting to do what I want with my life such a small change in perspective yet I cant beleive how happier I am this year compared to last year. Even with all the crap with ex friends and family stuff going on its nothing compared to how I felt last year. I dont know if its to do with the brain tumor or if I’ve just matured and realised exactly how lucky I am.

Thanks for listening to me babble  now I have a gift for you!

This lovely man candy is alex pettyfer…  Enjoy!

Oh while I have you here I decided to delete all my posts from last year, alot of them were written in a hurry and they sucked so I decided to delete them all.

I’m sorry about my lack of internet communication too I  have been trying to spend more time reading, exercising, finishing my story etc which means something had to slide. I have since finished editing my story but I havent finished it like I thought I had see in my head I know what happens so I thought I must have finished it because I passed the word count and all that but no apparently not so I have to go and finish it up and then spend some more time on aspects of the story. Busy busy.

It doesnt help when I planned to spend today doing alot of things but ended up spending it chasing around a ginger kitten trying to get it to go home seriously all it did was jump over the fence and come back again and again from about 8am til 3pm thats a long time to be running round after a kitten. I thought my cats would’ve assisted in the process but they just watched. Love my cats.

I’m off to watch Adventureland and write some long awaited emails.

Love n hugs