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Radical Self – Love: Week one. February 12, 2010

Posted by missqueenb in Life, Radical Self-Love 2010.
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While in the beginning I intended to write daily posts  of my journal entires I have decided not to because what I have been writing is very personal and kind of involves people in my present life even if they are not activiely in my life their presence is known. Anyway  should  I decide to disclose this website one day I would not like for them to see this – not that they would actually come here I dont think but I’d rather not take the chance.

Heres What I can tell you.  I have began to take more pride in myself, in my appearance and especially how I am towards other people.

I have gone from exercising once a day for up to three times a day because I am finding I want to do it because I deserve to be fit and healthy.

I am trying my best to be postive  but at the moment I am also trying to  write in missing peices from my movel which is mainly the sad depressing stuff. Being a writer I  really get into my characters heads which means for the past week its been all depressing teenage angst but I am nearly finished with  it so thats somethig positive!

Through all of the ups and downs of this first week I am very glad that I have started this and cant wait to see whats in store for the following weeks.

Love n hugs