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Happy Valentines Day! February 13, 2010

Posted by missqueenb in Life.

Originally I wasnt going to acknowledge Valentines day in a postive way I had a quote that went a little something like this

“Valentines is just a day  exploited by marketing giants trying to fill the void between Christmas and Easter.”

That was until I read Em’s valentines day post and I realised that  Em is right, even though I  am single its no reason to shun Valentines day. So here is a nice happy post.

Thinking about Valentines day I realised  I’ve only ever had one Valentines gift and that was back in highschool. I always seem to be with someone after Valentines day.

If you are part of a couple I hope you have treated your partner to lots of love stuffs and I hope they have done the same.

If you are alone I hope you spend the day treating yourself to all things that make you happy!

Remember even though Valentines Day is in February you dont have to wait until now to show your partner how much you love them you coul suprise them at any time and not just when you’re in the dog box either!

Today it was raining and very, very windy so I spent it reading and listening to old mix cds (Cant get enough of them and I have alot!). Tonight I watched “Cruel Intentions” and am now watching “the fast, the furious”. I did intend to watch The fast & The furious but I cant find the DVD 😦 Sad.

Anyway I am missing out on the hotness that is vin Diesel and Paul Walker

Love n hugs